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me-and-dan.jpgI started collecting beach glass along the shores of Lake Erie as a little girl. I grew up a few blocks from the beach and just liked picking up the pretty gems and put them in a jar. I never thought that later in life they would become beautiful pieces of jewelry. It's a treasure hunt and you never know what you will come home with. Nothing beats the feeling you get after finding that perfect piece. My husband does a lot of the collecting now and I like to make the jewelry. I love visiting other places and beaches for the beach glass and sea glass. Each place has it's own unique kind of treasures. About 6 or 7 years ago I started making jewelry with the beach glass and silver or gold filled chains, doing home parties and selling to my friends and family. Two years ago I took silver smithing classes and became skilled at making beveled rings and pendants working with sterling silver and I also started doing craft shows. About a year ago I discovered Precious Metal Clay also known as PMC. PMC is silver clay which contains very finely ground silver, an organic binder and some water. I hand form, stamp and hand shape the clay much like regular clay and then fire it in a kiln. After it is fired the end product is fine sliver which is 99.9% silver. I then polish it and apply a patina so you can appreciate the depth of the designs. I really love working with PMC because I can be so creative. I have used many things as a pattern on the clay including egg shells, leaves from my yard and pinecones just to name a few. I also use stamps, pattern sheets and rubber molds to make many of the silver pieces. I add the beach glass and sea glass to enhance the beauty of each piece of silver. My beach glass is from Lake Erie but I also use beach and sea glass from Hawaii, California and Puerto Rico in my designs. The sea glass from England is called end of day glass and is from the northeastern shores of England where there were glass factories in the late 1800s and early 1900s. The name end of day came about because the scraps of glass from the glass blowing process were tossed over the cliff at the end of the day and ended up in the sea. Many, many years later they washed up along the beaches as beautiful gems to be added to my jewelry. It is very different from beach glass as it is usually a clear glass with various colors over the top or imbedded in the glass. When I am creating my jewelry I sort the glass by color, size and quality and carefully select the smoothest and nicest pieces for each design. Sometimes this process, to find just the right piece, takes more time then actually constructing the piece of jewelry. I retired in 2009 and now have fun making jewelry and doing art and craft shows. I'm doing something I love which is the best - much more fun than working!! Thank you for visiting my website, I value your patronage. I hope you enjoy browsing my creations and will find that one piece that you just can't live without.